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50 First Times - Time 43

Title: Time 43
Author: Gedry
Pairings: Cas/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 704
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Beta: none
Spoilers: none
Warnings: None
Summary: Written for 50 first times – Grace bonding

Time 43

He doesn’t really want to.

It’s sad, really. Gabriel knows this is supposed to be his great reward for actually helping out with that whole apocalypse thing. Being given permission to blend your grace with another angel is very rare, almost unheard of, a gift from Father.

But Cas is just standing there…glaring at him like Gabriel hasn’t showered or worn deodorant in the last millennia. It’s kind of hard to get an angel erection when your pre-selected grace bonding partner is looking at you like that.

Gabriel’s a hot commodity, damn it. Cas isn’t so bad himself, when you think about it. But Gabriel’s a little fuzzy on how the two black sheep of the family got shoved together for this thing. It wouldn’t be so bad if he legitimately didn’t care. But let’s be honest here, Gabriel wants this. He wants to belong with someone so totally that he never has to worry about them leaving or shoving him away. He wants that link between himself and another being after having been on his own for so long, after dying alone.

After being reborn…alone.

Gabriel never wants to be alone again. Cas looks like he would rather bond with Lucifer.

The fuck is his luck sometimes.

Gabriel’s so busy trying not to show how upset he is at the rejection from his bondling he almost misses the first gentle touch of Cas’ grace against his own. Gabriel flinches, jerking at the rolling, twisting confusion that Cas’ inquisitive grace brings along with it. Gabriel’s struck suddenly at Cas’ bravery. He’s clearly afraid, hurting even, old wounds that have never healed after falling not once, but twice in such a short time. But still, Cas persists, even through his own anxiety that Gabriel might not want him. How stupid is that? Who wouldn’t want the angel that fought Heaven to save the world?

He feels Castiel’s grace prod at his armor, seeking an opening, trying to forge a link. Gabriel pulses back a welcome, it’s shaky, showing his insecurities more than he wants it to, but everything about Cas eases and the hesitant prodding of his grace transforms into being enveloped in everything that makes Cas who he is.

It’s like falling into caramel. Gabriel surges forward, grace and body combined, and flings everything he is at Cas; gasping with joy when the other angel welcomes him without reservations. Hours, maybe days pass before Gabriel aware of more than his bond-mate. Their link fully sealed now, power, emotions, and light flowing between them as if they are one. Cas’ wings are a mess, damaged and broken in so many places Gabriel realizes now it wasn’t disgust on his face before, it was shame. He knits them back together with his grace and his fingertips, soothing and smoothing until Cas quivers in his arms.

He’s shocked by how comfortable Cas is in his body. Most angels hate being in vessels but his new mate’s grace sings to him of the possibilities of their flesh and Gabriel relaxes with happiness. They’re more similar than they seem. He can’t wait to take Cas to bed. He’s contemplating all the possibilities when his mate suddenly shoves him down and claims his mouth in a searing kiss. Gabriel blinks up at Cas from the bed as the other angel traces his face with tender presses of his lips.

“You’ll forgive me,” Cas rumbles and he bites into the lobe of Gabriel’s ear just hard enough to make him moan with want. “All I really understand of sex I’ve learned from the Winchesters.”

Oh, Father, bless those two stupid boys. “I actually think you might have had good teachers,” Gabriel chokes out as he grabs Cas’ wing joints and tugs until his mate groans. “Just forget everything they told you about relationships.”

Cas hums, but Gabriel can feel his grace burst with laughter. They’re going to be just fine.
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