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Convictions Master Post - D/C Big Bang

Title: Convictions</a>
Author: gedry
Artist: agardenafter
Beta: nicole_sill
Pairing(s): Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17 overall
Word Count: 23,887
Warnings: Illegal behavior, gun shot wounds, descriptions of mental health concerns related to anxiety and agoraphobia, mentions of attempted rape and abuse during imprisonment (non-graphic).
Summary: Dean makes a living in high class home invasion. Dean's careful, he never wanted anyone to get hurt. But when he discovers Castiel still at home while he and his team are robbing the house everything changes. Dean pays the price for his misdeeds but somehow, along the way, he manages to make a friend out of Castiel. A man still struggling with his own kind of incarceration. Their relationship offers Dean some comfort, but once he's done serving his time questions still remain. Are they friends, or something more? Can they make a life together out of the ashes of their old ones, or are they both still serving their sentences?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Art link: Art Masterlist

Author’s Notes: Many thanks to my fabulous beta, nicole_sill, who not only wrangled my horrible grammar issues, but helped in every way to make this fic so much better than it was before she got her hands on it. I almost dropped out of this big bang this year. I’ve been in a little bit of a fic funk. So I owe morganoconner a huge thank you for encouraging me to finish. My artist agardenafter, was phenomenal, excited and welcoming. I’ve been blessed by her contributions and her friendship. Please, if you do nothing else, go and lavish her with praise. She deserves it.


( 16 comments — Leave a comment )
Oct. 14th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Runs off to read...

Actual comments after the reading :)

Oh and 1st :)
Oct. 19th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
Oct. 14th, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC)
I have been dying to read the final version of this story! I love this tale, I love you, and yes, I'm at work!
Oct. 19th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
Of course you were! LOL LOVE YOU!!!
Oct. 15th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
You know I've been waiting for this -grins- Are you going to have a PDF though? i really want one
Oct. 19th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
I'll have one if someoene is kind enough to make one for me!
Oct. 16th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)
*happy bounce* I've been looking forward to this ever since I saw that you'd signed up. Can't wait to read!
Oct. 19th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
Oct. 23rd, 2011 01:07 am (UTC)
This was touching. Reminded me of this book about two men falling in love through letters, one of them in prison. Sadly, the other guy was executed. ):
Oct. 23rd, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Oh wow! Not a happy book. Do you remember the name of the book?
Oct. 23rd, 2011 03:05 am (UTC)
I am dying over it right now, trying to remember. I'm still digging, and google's not helping at all.

Basically a dude named Adrian is raped and almost murdered, and yet he still makes the effort to send letters to his attacker (whose name I forgot). They write to each other, and actually, heart-rendingly fall in love. They have a fallout and the other guy says he still wants Adrian to love him but Adrian doesn't read the letter until the day of the execution. He gets to the prison too late; the execution was done early and they've already cleaned up and he was gone.

It made me cry. It did.
Oct. 25th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
Oh that is so sad!
Aug. 29th, 2012 11:58 am (UTC)
Hi! I decided to read this, while I was bored as hell in the work and this is perfect seriously. thank you for sharing:)
Sep. 16th, 2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading!
Dec. 3rd, 2013 10:21 am (UTC)
You never fail to amaze me. This was an absolute beautiful story and I really felt them falling in love during their letters! Brilliant!
Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
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